Plum Trees

Depending on the season and customer demand, we may not have all of the below varieties available. Below we have listed what we typically bring in from our suppliers.

  • Beauty

    Sweet & flavorful. Red over yellow skin, amber fleshed streaked red. Self fruitful, does not need pollinator.

  • Catalina [SOLD OUT]

    Large & black. Sweet & juicy but firm when ripe, very little tartness. One of the best for fresh eating. Very productive. Self fruitful, does not need pollinator.

  • Elephant Heart

    Home orchard favorite. Heart-shaped fruit with sweet, juicy, firm red flesh. Dark reddish-purple mottled skin. Pollenize w/ Beauty or Santa Rosa.

  • Emerald Beauty

    Favorite plum. Light green skin, greenish-yellow to orange flesh, freestone. Holds on tree for 2 months, remains crisp. Pollinate w/ Beauty, Santa Rosa, and Flavor King Pluot.

  • Green Gage

    European. Small to medium-sized, richly flavored and very sweet. Excellent fresh and cooked. Self fruitful.

  • Laroda

    Dark purple-skinned w/ juicy, richly flavored red & amber flesh. Pollenize w/ Santa Rosa.

  • Mariposa

    Large, red-fleshed, sweet, juicy, firm. Small pit, nearly freestone. Mottled maroon over green skin. Use fresh or cooked. Pollinate w/ Santa Rosa.

  • Santa Rosa

    Very popular. Juicy, tangy, & flavorful. Red-purple skin w/ amber flesh. Self fruitful, does not need pollinator.

  • Satsuma

    Favorite. Maroon over green skin. Dark red meaty flesh. Sweet, mild, & not tart. Excellent for jam. Pollinate w/ Santa Rosa.

  • Superior - Hybrid

    Japenese-America hybrid. Large, firm, delicious fruit. Bears earlier and heavier than most plums. Self fruitful, does not need pollinator.

  • Toka

    Cross between wild plum & apricot plum. Small-medium fruit, dark cherry-colored, semi-freestone. Firm & tangy, yellow flesh. Self fruitful, does not need pollinator.

  • 3 in 1 Prune

    3 different prunes. Trees are tagged with specific varieties. Keep both pruned equally so one variety doesn't overtake another.

  • Italian Prune

    Large, purple skin, freestone. Rich flavor, very sweet when fully ripe. Use fresh, dried, or canned. Cold hardy. Self fruitful, does not need pollinator.

  • Sugar Prune

    Reddish-purple skin, greenish-yellow flesh, very sweet. Use fresh or canned. Self fruitful.

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