Pear Trees

Depending on the season and customer demand, we may not have all of the below varieties available. Below we have listed what we typically bring in from our suppliers.

  • 20th Century - Asian

    Juicy, sweet, mild. Crisp like an apple. Keeps well, bears heavy, small tree. Self fruitful, does not need pollinator.

  • Chojuro - Asian

    Golden brown skin. Crisp like an apple when ripe. Pollinate w/ Asian pear.

  • Hosui - Asian [SOLD OUT]

    Consistently rated one of best testing Asian pears. Large, juicy, refresing. Pollinate w/ Bartlett, Chojoro, or 20th Century.

  • Kikusui - Asian [SOLD OUT]

    Juicy, sweet, yellow-skinned fruit. Crisp like an apple. Superb fresh eating, one of the best. Keeps well. Pollinate w/ Asian pear.

  • Shinseiki - Asian

    Juicy, refreshing, & sweet. Crisp like an apple when ripe. Easy to grow, bears well. Bright yellow skin, heavy bearing. Self fruitful, does not need pollinator.

  • Shinsui - Asian [SOLD OUT]

    Small-medium sized fruit, light brown russet skin. Flesh is a fine texture, crisp, & sweet. Pollinate with other Asian pear.

  • Bartlett

    Most popular pear. Early - mid season harvest. High quality, tolerates hot summers. *SF in most Western US, can be pollinated by Bosc & D'Anjou.

  • Bosc [SOLD OUT]

    Long, narrow shape with brown skin. Superb quality, one of the best. Use fresh or cooked. Pollinated by Bartlett or other pears.

  • Comice [SOLD OUT]

    'The 'gift-pack' pear. Sweet, aromatic, fine texture, superb flavor & quality. One of the best. Short neck. SF or plant with a Bartlett.

  • D'Anjou

    Large & short-necked. Firm, good quality, keeps well. Pollinate w/ Bartlett.

  • Harrow Delight

    Fire blight-resistant. Similar to Bartlett. Yellow skin with red blush. Smooth, fine flesh, very flavorful. Interfruitful w/ Bartlett, Bosc, & D'Anjou.

  • Seckel

    Resists fire blight. Sweet, flavorful, aromatic, spicy. Russeted brown skin. Self fruitful, does not need pollinator.

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