Cherry Trees

Depending on the season and customer demand, we may not have all of the below varieties available. Below we have listed what we typically bring in from our suppliers.

  • 3 in 1

    3 different cherries. Trees are tagged with specific varieties. Keep both pruned equally so one variety doesn't overtake another.

  • Bing

    Large, firm, sweet, & nearly black when ripe; superb flavor. Most popular cherry. Large, vigorous tree. Pollinated by Van, Rainier, or Stella.

  • Black Tartarian

    Medium-sized, nearly black, sprightly flavor, early season. Very productive. Pollinated by all popular sweet cherries.

  • Craig's Crimson

    Taste test winner. Natural semi-dwarf. Dark red to nearly black, medium-large size fruit. Firm, spicy flavor. Self fruitful, does not need pollinator.

  • Lapins

    Dark red, sweet cherry. Large, firm, good flavor. Similar to Van in color, Bing in shape. Ripens 4 days after Bing. Self fruitful.

  • Montmorency (Sour) [SOLD OUT]

    Large, light red skin, yellow flesh. Good for pies, cobblers, etc. Winter hardy. Heavy bearing. Self fruitful, does not need pollinator.

  • North Star (Sour)

    Naturally small tree, very productive. Large, meaty, tart, red-skinned. Resists cracking. Excellent for pies and cobblers. Self fruitful.

  • Rainier

    Large, yellow w/ red blush. Sweet & flavorful. Very cold hardy. Mid-season. Pollenize w/ Van, Black Tartarian, & Bing.

  • Royal Rainier [SOLD OUT]

    Large & yellow w/ slight red blush, more than Rainier. Excellent flavor, taste test winner. Ripens early. Pollinated by Bing & Black Tartarian.

  • Stella

    Large, nearly black. Richly-flavored & sweet. Late harvest. Pollinates Bing. Self fruitful, does not need pollinator.

  • Utah Giant

    One of the best, very sweet. Large & more flavorful than Bing. Good canner, no double fruit. Pollinated by Bing, Rainier, or Van.

  • Van [SOLD OUT]

    Cold hardy & reliable. Heavy producer. Fruit is similar to Bing, though usually smaller. Pollinated by all other sweet cherries.

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