Nut Trees

Depending on the season and customer demand, we may not have all of the below varieties available. Below we have listed what we typically bring in from our suppliers.

  • All-in-One Almond

    Genetic semi-dwarf almond. Heavy crops of soft shell nuts w/ sweet kernels. Winter hardy. Self fruitful, does not need pollinator.

  • Butte Almond

    Considered highest yielding Almond. Easy to shake. Pollinate with Mission Almond.

  • Mission Almond

    Regular to heavy bearer, knocks moderately well. Pollinate with Butte Almond.

  • Ambassador Walnut

    Cold hardy Carpathian hybrid. One and a quarter inch nuts, thin shell, well sealed. Plump, light colored with excellent flavor. Self fruitful.

  • Idaho Walnut

    Cold hardy. Large, sweet, high quality kernel. Bears young & heavy. Vigorous tree. Self fruitful, does not need pollinator.

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