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For Your Flowers

Rose & Flower With Sistemic

14-12-11  Contains proper nutrients to produce more blooms, new growth and green leaves. Plus Imidacloprid, a systemic insecticide absorbed through the roots to protect the entire plant from Aphids, Thrips, Japanes Beetles plus many more.

Blooming & Rooting

9-59-8  A highly concentrated plant food that helps promote vigorous blooming, root development, and larger blooms on flowering shrubs, trees, orchids, tomatoes and all blooming and fruiting plants.

Geranium, Hanging Basket & Pansy Food

20-20-20  A highly concentrated plant food ideal for use on all geraniums, hanging baskets, pansies, patio plants, and ornamentals. Works best when used as a soil drench with a foliar spray.

Gardener's Special

11-15-11  An excellent all purpose plant food that contains both fast and slow release nitrogen. Specially formulated for all types of gardening practices such as growing vegetables, roses, flowers, ornamental trees and shrubs.

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