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Linden Nursery Welcomes You!

Now is also a great time to apply a summer fertilizer to your lawn. It is specially formulated to not burn your lawn as long as it is sufficiently watered in afterwards. You can also apply a weed and feed, but it is a little bit trickier this time of year. Feel free to come in and we will gladly help you figure out which fertilizer is right for your needs and how best to apply it to get the maximum benefit. 

Don't forget to regularly fertilize your gardens so you can continually get produce through the summer. Even if you add compost to the soil, you still need a granular fertilizer for healthy plants and abundant produce. There are several options out there, but the two favorites of our employees are called Gardner's Special and Blooming and Rooting. IFA also has a good garden fertilizer if you want to purchase in larger quantities.

We are out of chicks for the season! We will have them again end of February 2024, hopefully next year will be a calmer year for chickens, allowing them to be more readily available. If you would like to place a special order for chickens for next year, have your order to us by October if possible and we will add it to our spring orders.

Just a friendly reminder, especially going into summer, that plants prefer to be watered less often for longer periods of time. The root ball needs to be soaked thoroughly every time you water and then the roots need a chance to dry out before you water again.

Due to a limited number of employees, we are not always able to answer every phone call. Please consider using our Contact page for any questions you may have.

Our business does not have any restrictions, so we ask those who can to come in and we will be happy to help you on location.

Happy planting!

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