Linden Nursery Welcomes You!

Time to get your lawn ready for spring!! Have you put down your spring fertilizer yet?

Don't worry, thanks to the cooler spring we have had there is still plenty of time! If you are trying to prevent weed seeds from growing, then you want to put down a fertilizer that comes with a weed preventer. We offer one from IFA and one from Fertilome, both of which are great products. 

Potatoes, onions, berries, asparagus, and so many more wonderful things have started to arrive! Including some tomatoes! We love this time of year when everything starts coming out again. We hope to see you soon!

Due to the increase in demand, we are having a hard time answering every phone call. Please consider using our Contact page for any questions you may have.

Our business does not have any restrictions, so we ask those who can to come in and we will be happy to help you on location.

Happy planting!