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Linden Nursery carries a wide selection of organic soil and bark products to help you improve the look and quality of your yard.

This product comes from the fir trees in the northwestern states.  It is mainly used as a top dress for flower beds.  With its longer fibers, this reddish-brown bark is a perfect ground cover in high traffic areas. It spreads easily, stays put once in place and feels like a soft spring carpet. Sprinkler water, heavy rains and high winds can't "undo" this mesh-like mulch.

If you are looking for a dark colored wood chip this is the perfect product.  This is a dyed product that is a dark chocolate brown in color.  The dyed barks tend to maintain their color longer than the natural barks.  

Soil Pep is a soil conditioning product derived from fir bark.  This product also has a great aroma.  It can be used as a top dress, to help maintain soil moisture, or it can be mixed into the soil as compost. 

Greenleaf compost, or as some people call it, Mushroom compost, is a compost made from a mixture of chicken manure, gypsum, peat moss, and straw.  It can be used as a soil amendment to be mixed into your soil or as a top dress for your beds.  The chicken manure adds a rich supply of nitrogen.

Playground Chips have become increasingly popular over the years in place of sands or other products for your playground area.  This product is made from spruce wood.  

A blend of compost, sandy loam, and clay to help add volume and tilth to your existing soil.

Our Garden Blend soil is a secret blend discovered by our Horticulturists.  It can be used in garden boxes or to add to your flower beds.  Ready to be planted in.  Everyone that has tried it loves it.

Our sand is considered a cyclone sand. It is very fine in texture and is a great product to be used in playgrounds. It can also be used in planting mixes. Because of the texture it tends to retain water more than other sand products. It is not recommended to be used with pavers.

We carry a gravel that is considered to be a pea gravel. As it's name suggests it is smaller  in size, about 1/4".

* If there is a product that you would like and do not see it here please call us and we will help you locate it.  
If you would like to schedule a delivery of any of our products please email us or call.  Please allow 24 hours for a response.  Thanks.             (801)796-8576