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IFA 4 step program for your lawn

March - April - Step 1: Crabgrass & Spurge Preventer
April - May - Step 2: Weed & Feed with Trimec and Iron
June - Aug - Step 3: Lawn Food + Iron
Sept - Nov - Step 4: Fall & Winter Fertilizer with Iron

Step 1:    23-3-8  Prevents crabgrass, spurge and many other weeds before they appear. Works up to 5 months. Builds turf with a balanced lawn food.

Step 2:    24-3-6  Builds turf and kills dandelions and up to 200 broadleaf weeds with one application. Formulated to give quick green color and build strong roots.

Step 3:    25-5-10  IFA's best fertilzer! Formulated with slow release nitrogen and a generous amount of Iron to keep your lawn in showcase condition all summer.

Step 4:    22-2-12  A blend of nutrients especially formulated to keep you lawn healthy through the winter and provide early spring green-up.

Fertilome 4 step program for your lawn

March - April - Step 1: For All Seasons Lawn Food Plus Crabgrass & Weed Preventer
April - May - Step 2: Weed Out/Lawn Food + Iron
June - Aug - Step 3: Weed Out/Lawn Food + Iron
Sept - Nov - Step 4: Winterizer

Step 1:    16-0-8   Apply in early spring or fall 2-3 weeks before seed germination. For best results application should be followed by 1/2" rain or irrigation. Weeds controlled: Henbit, Oxalis, Poa Annua, Chickweed, Crabgrass, Foxtail, Purslane, Shepherds Purse, Prostrate Spurge, and Knotweed.

Step 2:    25-0-4  Provides excellent weed control. Contains 3 weed killers to stop Dandelions, Spurge, Dollar Weed, Wild Onion, Chickweed, Clover and over 200 more. Do not mow prior to application. Lawn should be lightly wet before application, but do not water for 24 hours after application. Result will be evident in 7-10 days.

Step 3:    24-0-4  A good all purpose lawn food with Iron for fast immediate greening on all types of lawns. Iron is chelated for fast, long-lasting green-up. It contains 2 types of nitrogen which allow for quick greening and long-term stable growth.

Step 4:    25-0-6  Builds hardiness, stem strength, and disease resistance insuring a healthy, stable plant or lawn which can endure the hardships of winter better than weaker plants.

EARLY SPRING FERTILIZER  (30-10-0) An alternative to IFA's step 1. Apply in early spring at 4-6 week intervals for best results. Do not apply when temperatures are consistently over 90 degrees. Apply to dry grass and then water in. (IFA)

NEW LAWN STARTER  (9-13-7)  Designed to help grass seed and sod develop roots and mature stems before rapid growth begins. Allows sod to get established. Can be applied with grass seed or immediately after seed is sown. (Fertilome)

AMMONIUM SULFATE  (20-0-0)  Provides a quick release of nitrogen. It produces a rapid response in grass color and growth. Tends to be less expensive than other fertilizers. (IFA)

UREA  (46-0-0)  Contains 46% nitrogen. An excellent source of nitrogen for a quick green-up on lawns. Do not apply when temperatures are consistently over 90 degrees (IFA)

SULFUR COATED UREA  (39-0-0-12S)  Sulfur coating the urea shows the release of the nitrogen. This reduces the chance of a nitrogen burn. The sulfur aids in lowering the PH and helps utilize nutrients in the soil.

FRUIT, CITRUS & PECAN TREE FOOD  (19-10-5)  Contains a special combination of plant nutrients beveficial to tree growth and productivity. May be used on all kinds of fruit, citrus and nut trees.

TREE & SHRUB FOOD (19-8-10)  A specially formulated tree food that contains a penetrating action, which moves the food directly to the feeder roots when applied around the tree or shrup drip line, eliminating the need to dig holes. Great for all types of trees and shrubs. Apply two times a year.

ROSE & FLOWER WITH SISTEMIC  (14-12-11)  Contains proper nutrients to produce more blooms, new growth and green leaves. Plus Imidacloprid, a systemic insecticide absorbed through the roots to protect the entire plant from Aphids, Thrips, Japanes Beetles plus many more.

BLOOMING & ROOTING  (9-59-8)  A highly concentrated plant food that helps promote vigorous blooming, root development, and larger blooms on flowering shrubs, trees, orchids, tomatoes and all blooming and fruiting plants.

GERANIUM, HANGING BASKET & PANSY FOOD  (20-20-20)  A highly concentrated plant food ideal for use on all geraniums, hanging baskets, pansies, patio plants, and ornamentals. Works best when used as a soil drench with a foliar spray.

GARDENER'S SPECIAL (11-15-11)  An excellent all purpose plant food that contains both fast and slow release nitrogen. Specially formulated for all types of gardening practices such as growing vegetables, roses, flowers, ornamental trees and shrubs.

FISH EMULSION (5-1-1)  An organic fertilizer derived from concentrated fish solubles that supply the natural release of essential nutrients for the development of green foliage, vigorous root systems and solid plant structure. For use on potted and house plants, fruits, vegetables, ornamentals and shade trees.
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